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How Our Rental Service Works
  1. Browse Our Catalogue: Explore our collection by visiting various sections to find inspiration.
  2. Select Your Favorites: Identify the items you love.
  3. Book Your Rental: Choose your rental day by checking availability. You can easily do this by contacting us through chat and entering your preferred date in the designated box before proceeding to payment.
  4. Enjoy Your Look: Wear your chosen outfit and enjoy your event without any concerns.
  5. Return the Items:
  6. Inclusive Services: The rental price includes laundry and coverage for minor accidental damages, ensuring a worry-free experience.
How often do you update your product lineup with new arrivals?

We update our collection almost weekly with a vast array of sizes and styles to suit every taste. Want to stay in the loop with the latest trends and updates? Subscribe to our newsletter today and never miss out!

How long does the rental last?

The rental period extends over 4 days, including 3 nights. Plan your rental by booking the dress for your event date. We'll ensure the dress is delivered to you at least one day before the event and collected the day after. If the last day of your rental falls on a holiday, please return the product on the next available business day.

Where can I find you?

Location: We are centrally located in Casale Monferrato at Via Roma 86.

Visiting Our Atelier: Our atelier is open by appointment. Here, you can try on garments that are best suited for your physique and the event you're attending. To schedule a free trial, please contact us through chat or email at

Services Offered: At our atelier, you can try on your favorite outfits, have garments adjusted with necessary hems, and conveniently pick up and return your rented clothes. By visiting us directly, you can also save on shipping costs.

Can I rent garments directly from the atelier?

Yes! The products displayed in our atelier are all ready for use and in perfect condition. They can be rented immediately if available for your chosen date. If alterations such as hemming or minor adjustments are needed, please allow a minimal amount of time for these modifications to be completed before the rental.

Is a verbal confirmation enough to reserve the items?

An item is considered rented once we confirm your booking and receive the advance payment of the rental fee.

What happens if I miss the return deadline?

If you fail to return the items by the due date, a penalty of €25 will be applied for each day of delay. To manage any issues related to late returns, please contact us immediately at

Can I rent a dress for more than the standard four-day period?

If the dress is available and not already booked by another customer, we are happy to accommodate an extension of your rental period. Please contact us by email at no later than the day before your rental is due to end, and we will do our best to meet your needs. An additional fee of €10 per day will apply, though this rate may vary depending on specific requirements.

Can I take a rented dress abroad?

Absolutely! You are free to take the dress wherever you need. We only ask that you take good care of it and return it in the condition and within the timeframe we agreed upon.

How should I behave when trying on one of your dresses?

We kindly request that you handle your makeup with care and avoid staining the dress with rings, bracelets, etc. Please refrain from removing the tags if you are uncertain about renting the dress.

I accidentally tore/stained the dress: what should I do?

In case of stains, minor seams, or other small damages (such as a stuck zipper or a loose button), please refrain from attempting to fix them and don't worry, as minor inconveniences can occur. We'll take care of everything. To assist us in our work, please inform us at the end of the rental about the type of stain that needs to be treated.


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